For the realization of this logo I only had at my disposal to know that it was a diocesan logo and the motto of WYD 19 "Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; may it be done to me according to your word" Lc 1,38.

The first thing I wanted to visualize is the cultural richness that exists in our diocesan territory, I could only capture both the cultural area of Colon and that of our region Kuna Yala, Colón and its congo under this nuance on the left side of the logo combining spheres and lines in a tricolor yellow red and blue, in the same way on the right I wanted to make a design similar to the molas typical of our indigenous brothers Kuna Yalenses, all this only for the cultural aspect.

In other instances at the top, middle and bottom of the logo you can see a composition of mosaics that tell a story, in descending order we see a wing and a half of a ring referring to the Archangel Gabriel, who had the mission to announce the Virgin Mary who would be the mother of Jesus. The center is the face of the patron of our diocese, Immaculate Conception (I could not choose better advocation) it is necessary to say that her face is drawn in a different technique to the rest of the logo.

The last quadrant there is a writing that says "GRATIA PLENA" that is part of the greeting of the angel Gabriel "Ave, Gratia Plena, Dominus tecum" and part that defines the grace of God on the Virgin Mary which she received in a perfect way. All this aspect referring to the theme presented.

As a geographical aspect, out of the crossed form, it highlights curved lines in blue bicolor representing the sea that suffuse our location, the contour of the cross shape itself tells us a little about the construction of our streets and avenues. I think it is clear that you can see the cross of Christ, symbol of redemption for all Catholics.

The colors in total are 4

Light blue and yellow: Colors of our provincial flag of Colón, in addition the yellow has a representation as color of the Holy Eucharist.

Blue: Color for which we are always recognized as well as being the color worn by the Virgin Mary under the invocation of our patron in the image of the Immaculate Conception.

Red: Last but not least, we have this special color in the dress of the indigenous sisters of Kuna Yala, besides that with this color I would like to represent the Holy Spirit who has been, is and will be our main engine for all the Organizational missions for the days of the Diocese.