Why be a Welcome Family?

The welcome families represent a great contribution for WYD. It is in these spaces where the pilgrims have a direct contact with the culture of the country that welcomes them and the family is nourished by a new culture, creating a bond with the pilgrims and making their family bigger in the Lord.









What are the responsibilities of the Welcome Families?

Welcome families should:

* Offer the Pilgrim a safe and clean space for their rest.

* Offer the Pilgrims access to the use of their bathroom.

* Share with the Pilgrims a moment as a family, either on arrival or departure.

* Check that the pilgrim is in good health. In case of any problem, communicate to your parish or attendant





Should I go to the airport to pick up my Pilgrim?

You should NOT go to the airport, each Welcome Family will receive their pilgrim in the Parish to take them to their homes                                    



How many pilgrims can I receive?

According to the capacity of your home and the generosity of your family, you can receive as many pilgrims as you like                    








What happens if I do not have a bed for so many people?

Do not worry, in that case, each Pilgrim is prepared from his country and there is a list of things to bring, including tents and sleeping bags. Pilgrims are prepared to sleep in any space (livng room, rooms, etc). You are only asked to open the doors of your home and provide them with a safe space and where to clean themselves.                    






What happens if I work all day and I can not be with my Pilgrims?

The Days are quite extensive and the Pilgrims spend most of the day away from home. They leave very early in the morning and return at night, since they spend most of their time in the parishes, in cultural activities, sports, etc.







Now I'm not sure I can accommodate Pilgrims. Can I tell you later? If it's still far away in 2019?

The World Youth Day is an event that involves great logistics. Young people from all over the world at this time have their eyes on Panama, but especially in our province because of its proximity to the capital city. It is necessary to know now if you are willing to receive Pilgrims and how many you are going to host, because just as you are preparing yourself, young people also need to prepare in advance. And after the Census phase closes, no more families can register to house Pilgrims.